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*BSc(hons)- Sport and Exercise Science (currently studying)

*Level 3 Personal Trainer

*Level 3 Nutrition

*STOTT Mat Pilates Instructor

*Certified Suspension Fitness Instructor

*Certified Bootcamp Instructor

*Certified Indoor Cycling Instructor

Coming from a background of dance training Jessica believes in a well-rounded programme creating a firm, strong and lean physique along with flawless technique, knowledge of good nutrition and the confidence to perform exercises. Studying for her BSc (hons) in Sport and Exercise Science, Jessica applies all of the skills and knowledge learned from her studies and condenses it into an easy-to-follow plan, enabling you gain the most out of your sessions and learn valuable life-long information. Specialising in Body Transformations, Jessica has worked with Bride's to be, Performing artists and last-minute holiday preparations as well as many others, from a beginner to advanced level and both on/offline.


Whether preparing for a special event, competition or a sporting event, it is easy to become mentally fixated on the end result and miss out on all of the great achievements along the way. However far you are from reaching your goal it is important to acknowledge the small steps you need to climb in order to get you there. Training with Jessica will guarantee a programme built specifically for you with your goal in mind.


In tough but enjoyable sessions Jessica will coach, push and motivate you every step of the way, monitoring results and making adjustments regularly to accelerate your progress; as your body changes, so should the way you train. With a mixture of Strength/hypertrophy training and cardiovascular/sport specific training, Jessica will teach you the difference between training hard and training smart!


Personal Training, Pilates, Online Coaching and Nutrition