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*Msc Psychology- Currently Studying

*1st Class BSc(Hons)- Sport and Exercise Science 

*Level 3 Personal Trainer

*Level 3 Nutrition

*STOTT trained Mat Pilates Instructor

*Certified Suspension Fitness Instructor

*Certified Bootcamp Instructor

*Certified Indoor Cycling Instructor

Jessica is a highly qualified Personal Trainer, Pilates Instructor, Nutritional Advisor, and Sport and Exercise Science Graduate. With 5 Years of experience, she offers a range of exercise styles including Weight Training, Endurance, Pilates, Body Transformations, Weight Management, Indoor Cycling, Bootcamps, and Functional Training. She also offers extensive knowledge in Sports Nutrition and the psychology of reaching specific goals and overcoming barriers. In challenging but enjoyable sessions Jessica will coach, push, support, and motivate you every step of the way, monitoring results and making adjustments regularly to accelerate your progress. As your body and mental state changes, so should the way you train, which is why Jessica takes a well-rounded approach ensuring that you not only make progress but also find a way to incorporate fitness into your lifestyle regardless of circumstantial changes.


‘In order to change your body, you must first learn to love your body. Self-care, Self-Compassion, and self-love are the building blocks to a happy and healthy body and mind


Realising that personal training can often be a daunting and scary endeavour, especially for complete beginners or those who feel uncomfortable in your own skin, Jessica aims to help everybody love their body from start to finish by helping them to make subtle mindset changes.


‘When we constantly search for personal flaws, we smother our own flame. Let’s ignore the flaws and focus our efforts on the qualities that ignite our character and help us to light up the room’


Whatever your starting point, goal, and ability, training with Jessica will guarantee a programme built specifically for you with your goal, lifestyle, and mental state in mind.

Personal Training, Pilates, Online Coaching and Nutrition