Online Coaching

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Online Coaching

As Personal as In Person!

Accessible via Member Area and Ios/Android App!


A. Struggle to stick to an exercise and nutrition regime

B. Never see the results you want or expect

C. Don't know where or how to start

D. Have a busy or Unpredictable Schedule

E. Travel frequently

F. Struggle to stay motivated

G. Are concerned with correcting exercise technique


1. It fits your schedule

2. It is accessible from Anywhere- Gym, Work, Home, Holiday!

3. It provides all of the support of 1-2-1 Personal Training

4. It keeps you accountable

5. It adds structure to your fitness goals

6. It is more cost effective than 1-2-1 training

7. It can get you the results you want and deserve!


Q.      What does Online Coaching Involve?

Online coaching offers you personalised workout programmes, nutritional guidance, weekly weight and measurement check in's, unlimited email support and progress tracking, all of which can be accessed via the member area or smartphone app. Online coaching involves all of the support that face-to-face training offers, minus the time schedule.

Q.      Is it Automated?

No. Jessica believes that each and every plan should be designed completely individually. Every detail and point of contact is with Jessica herself. This makes online training a completely personal experience.

Q.      What if I can not do an exercise?

         All exercises come with an instructional video and description,

          however, if you still feel you can not perform the                 

exercise video recordings can be sent via email for Jessica to interpret and correct technique.

Q.      Are there different levels of membership?

Yes, each package is designed for you and will include what works best for you. Packages can include as little as just workout programmes OR as much as workout programmes, skype classes, personalised workout videos, and more. However, an equal amount effort goes into supporting clients of all membership levels.

Q.      Can Online Coaching be used as well as Face-to-Face

          Personal Training?

Absolutely, Online clients receive a discount on Pay as You Go Sessions should they ever find themselves in the vicinity.

Q.      What is the cost and how do payments work?

The cost is dependant on the level of membership you would like. An email Consultation with Jessica will help you decide what package is right for you and your budget. Payments are made monthly via PayPal.

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